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[32 SPU 1 Pope] HS Student

Saturday, September 22 @ 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

The Guard (0:02:08) – One girl’s journey through color guard and its history.

A Change In My City (0:02:18) – Times have changed and the city he once knew is no longer what it used to be.

A Final Goodbye to You (0:02:27) – Always say goodbye to the people you love like you will never see them ever again.

The Final Pin (0:02:35) – The short story about a pin down in the gutters with hopes of playing in a real game.

Deconstructed Makeup Tutorial (0:03:22) – This film is a parody of the online phenomenon that is makeup tutorials. This film challenges ideas of beauty, yet manages to reaffirm cosmetic’s artistry. It is meant to invoke confidence in the audience as the film follows my journey to hone my own confidence. While the makeup I apply may seem ridiculous, it exhibits how comfortable I am in my own skin. The misplacement of different different cosmetic products kept the audience engaged despite little to no understanding regarding the nature of the misplacement.

The Finish Line (0:03:26) – A motivational film about the dedication and discipline in athletes that drives them towards success.

Leave A Message (0:03:50) – Nowadays, social media is being used as a weapon, rather than a tool to spread love and positivity. This film covers the story of a teen that was affected by cyberbullying, and found hope where he did not expect.

Warhol X Basquiat (0:03:51) – The concepts behind my film are the repetition used in Warhol’s work, the weird films he used to produce, his loner mentality, and his longtime collaboration with Jean-Michel Basquiat. Both artists had distinct styles that were very different from each other and were able to come together for pieces that enticed their collected cult following. As previously mentioned, this video was inspired by Warhol’s abnormal films/filming style. I wanted to recreate the tone of the Burger King video by filming myself on a balcony eating chips and looking out into the distance for no apparent reason. The editing of this video is meant to represent Warhol’s ability to manipulate but never produce new content. Warhol’s work was derivative and that was what made it art. His obsession with pop culture kept his mind at work as he figured out a way to create a legacy for himself and pop art.​

Brilliant Fucking Pencils (0:04:04) – Zealous bike cop is insistent on upholding the law but will not do so without his brilliant fucking pencils.

IMITANT (0:04:07) – A young man hears voices coming from within his own home. He will have to choose which voice to trust, because it may cost him greatly.

What makes me unique (0:04:18) – One of the important things that make me unique.

A Fist To Rule Them All (0:04:19) – A mediocre journalism student investigates a “slap boxing” rink run by teenagers, as it prepares for its championship.

Julie Family Project / What Makes Me Unique (0:04:34) – This is a short film about what makes me, Julianna Muniz, unique.The film is based off being half Italian, since many of my other peers are not. My Italian family and blood is what makes me unique!

Graves (0:04:55) – After the death of her brother Andy was murdered by her boyfriend Josh, Liz’s life suddenly falls apart. With her parents fighting at home, students bullying her, and her boyfriend abusing her, she starts to lose control of herself.

I’m Gonna Win Cause I Wanna Win: Kennedy Brown (0:09:58) – Short documentary on five-star basketball recruit Kennedy Brown.

Listen to the 2 Uptown (0:16:42) – Amidst the rats and the stench of urine, the NYC subways are where Samuel discovers the meaning of life.


Saturday, September 22
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Pope Lecture Hall Saint Peter’s University
115 Glenwood Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Jersey City, NJ 07306 US
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