May 1, 2022

Sonho 00:14:05

Nego Bala was born and raised in Boca do Lixo, one of São Paulo’s roughest neighborhood, a place which lacked opportunities for children like himself. The film is based upon real experiences from his life, who, at age 11, wrote the lyrics for the song “Sonho” (“Dream”) during his first time at a juvenile detention center.

The oppressive penitentiary system takes away children’s right to dream, but there’s no cage for talent. There are no bars for imagination.

Director: Douglas Ratzlaff Bernardt

Cast: Jorge Henrique de Souza Vieira, Nego Bala, Diogo Granato, Jorge Garcia, Ricardo Januário

Writer(s): Douglas Ratzlaff Bernardt, Nego Bala, AKQACoala.Lab